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Our history

We decided to take different professional paths and make them converge in one direction; since 2013, we have been committed in training our staff and collaborators, and in combining the high specialization of our consulting services with a transversal approach in project management: we love to choose our clients, and we consider them partners. We proactively provide them with value-added services, not only in what we are asked to do, but also in what we believe could be useful. We keep our eyes open for innovations, because we believe that, in a market made of connections, it is increasingly necessary to exploit any opportunity.

  • 2011

    Edoardo Lombardo founds the daily newspaper Retrò Online
  • 2013

    Edizioni Retrò Srl, an agency that combines creativity and strategy projected in a modern and global perspective, is born.
  • 2014

    Giovanni Vagnone takes over the management of the newspaper Retrò Online.
  • 2015

    Retrò X, a communications agency capable of conveying values and objectives in a clear and effective way, is born.
  • 2016

    Giovanni Vagnone becomes CEO and Edoardo Lombardo becomes Chairman of the CDA.
  • 2017

    Edizioni Retrò Srl obtains ISO 9001:2015 certification and is admitted to the UN Global Market
  • 2017

    Retro Lex and Retrò Estate are born
  • 2018

    Edizioni Retrò Srl becomes part of the UN Global Compact

Our team

Giovanni Vagnone

Giovanni Vagnone

Edoardo Lombardo

Edoardo Lombardo

Presidente del CdA
Maria Luisa Siviero

Maria Luisa Siviero

Membro del CdA
Manuela Flamini

Manuela Flamini

Art Director
Emanuele Lombardo

Emanuele Lombardo

Project Manager junior
Alessandro Romeo

Alessandro Romeo

Web Developer


Our ISO 9001:2015 certification

Provision of digital publishing and advertising services. Provision of consulting services in the field of digital marketing, web & social media, video marketing, photo shooting, press office, election campaigns, communication, advertising, brand identity. Provision of training courses on digital marketing.


The United Nations Global Compact

The United Nations Global Compact is a voluntary initiative based on a commitment to implement the principles of global sustainability, following best practices in pursuing the United Nations (UN) goals. In particular, at the level of the internal code of ethics, all our procedures are oriented towards this end, in the areas of human rights, labor law, environment and anti-corruption.

Our core business is strategic consulting in communications: the traditional advertising agency is at the basis, and the marketing agency is the second layer. We deal with corporate, branding, graphics and copywriting, with particular attention to web design and digital channels, from social media management to web intelligence. Everything we do is oriented towards achieving the objectives we set, starting from an in-depth analysis of the customer’s needs.

“Behind communication” is our slogan, because we are particularly dedicated to developing awareness. The evolution of communication tools and platforms has made our offer extremely diverse and accessible: but making choices often leads to consequences that couldn’t be foreseen at the start. That’s why we focus on what is “behind the communication”: because the spread of the message is essential, but it can only be successful once the message is perfectly tuned.

A newspaper talking about innovation in Turin and the surrounding areas. We want to offer to our city’s ecosystem a broad and clear vision of the positive news offered by all entrepreneurs and dreamers committed to building the world of tomorrow. Information about new ideas, revolutionary projects, or events offering training in areas representing the latest frontiers of development. All this, in a territory with excellent national and international key players.

Turin has 800,000 residents, and its economy has seen better times. It is looking towards the future, in search of a new identity. Among the various development channels, innovation constitutes an important source of fresh air; it created “hubs” of startups and innovation linked to capital and investors; but above all it created cultural centers, often focusing on their activities. Our values are journalistic, and aim to be objective and informative; our goal is to offer a unique stage to an ecosystem that gets its strength from synergy.

The most “retro” of the professional sectors, but also the most important in relation to the other aspects we offer advice on. We mainly invested in legal advice in the civil law sector and in administrative matters, but, above all, we specialized in communication, publishing and new technologies. Because from social networks to databases, every online operation involves the management of processes compliant with the regulations and suitable for the purposes of the clients.

We aim to strengthen legal awareness in areas such as IT and communication, which have rapidly developed without the parallel adaptation of the existing legislation. We live in a time where issues such as copyright, privacy, data management, and the cloud, are increasingly present and important in everyday life, bringing with them a high volume of possible problems that we need to recognize if we want to prevent, anticipate, manage and or solve them. This is why we specialized in these new frontiers of the law.

We take care of real estate assets, thanks to internal staff and external collaborators. We are responsible for the coordination, of all the administrative, technical, legal and commercial obligations related to the property, in a single management process. The goal is to maximize profitability, with the much-valued attention to communication and fairness.

The management of real estate assets requires specialization, skills and qualitative processes of project management. We approach the sector vowing to be committed and helpful to our clients and stakeholders, on the basis of maximum transparency and effectiveness.

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