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Central Objectives

We are Edizioni Retrò

The chaotic evolution of the market convinced us of the need to recover the ancient value of a well-done job, projected in a modern and global perspective. This is how Edizioni Retrò Srl was born, combining creativity in advertising, determination in marketing, curiosity in journalism, and sagacity of legal expertise, together with business units for administration and training.

Our consulting services respond to the strategic needs of our partners, operating nationally and internationally on a commercial and institutional level, on a daily basis.

Edizioni Retrò Torino
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We are a Magazine

We talk about everything that is innovative in the world surrounding us, starting from our city, Turin: the evolving historical companies, the newly established startups, the cultural hubs transforming us. The analysis of a complex ecosystem, a benchmark for Italy as a whole.

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We are

In order to innovate a business or a concept through effective communications, we start by offering the services of a traditional communications agency, and we don’t stop until we achieve our partners’ objectives, paying great attention to market analysis and using the best tools available.

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We are
Legal Consultants

In order to provide specific legal advice on innovative sectors, we need to know them well. We specialize in IT and internet-related issues: from the right to be forgotten, to the increasingly important regulations dealing with security and privacy. In addition, we give you the possibility of using all our legal services with internal and external professionals.

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We are
Real Estate

We take care of real estate assets, thanks to internal staff and external collaborators. We are responsible for the coordination of all the administrative, technical, legal and commercial obligations related to the property, in a single management process. The goal is to maximize profitability, with the much-valued attention to communication and fairness.

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